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Your Tulip Hair Journey

We know it can be a daunting experience walking into a new hairdressers, so let us talk you through what you can expect when you visit us. We are professional, genuine hairdressers that care!


As you walk through our door you will be welcomed by one of our friendly Tulip team. After taking your jacket and making sure you're comfortable in our reception area, you will be offered a drink. We have many different teas to choose from, and also decaffeinated coffee and soya milk if it's not just a standard latte you're after!


During your consultation your stylist will ask key questions to make sure that you both understand what's achievable, what would suit your hair and lifestyle and what they can do to help you re-create the look at home and make your life easier!

But most of all, they will LISTEN!! If you have any specific hair problems we can prescribe products or treatments to help, with no obligation to buy - we hate pushy sales!!

If you're having a cut and blow dry, after your consultation your stylist will introduce you to one of our junior members, who will take you over to the shampoo area- Head to THE WASH.


When you and your stylist have decided on colours, she'll disappear for a couple of minutes to mix up a tailored tone just for you. After your colour is applied, you'll be left for 20-45 minutes (colour dependant) to enjoy another drink, relax or read a magazine. Forgotten to bring your reading glasses? Don't worry, we've got some! For clients "working from home" we have high speed wifi so feel free to bring your laptop!

When your colour is fully developed and checked a junior member will take you over to the shampoo area.


This bit is all about you relaxing, so if you don't fancy chatting, then we won't talk your head off!

After making sure you are comfortable, your hair will be cleansed twice with the shampoo that has been prescribed by your stylist. Now for the best bit.... relax whilst your hair is conditioned, and enjoy the massage. If you'd like to prolong the massage, you can opt for one of our luxury hair treatments for that extra bit of pampering. If you don't enjoy massage - just say, we can comb your conditioner through without a massage.

Your hair will be wrapped to stop any drips, and you'll be taken back to the styling area, and your waiting stylist.


Now for the main event. Your hairdresser will cut your hair wet, and then also when its dry. This is the best way to texturise and decrease weight. We will never cut your fringe wet-it jumps up so much when its dry, and no one wants a "surprise" fringe!

You can choose to have you hair straightened, curled, waved or a bouncy blowdry. Your hairdresser will use the best products to help create your required style and give you some tips on how to recreate it at home. After you're happy with your hair and have seen the back, we can spray you with a finishing product, to protect your hair whatever the weather!


Once your appointment is finished, there's no need to rush off! You can enjoy a hot drink and finish that magazine article you were reading in our warm friendly surroundings. When you're ready a junior member of staff will grab your jacket and help you check out. We recommend pre-booking your next appointment to guarantee the time and date you require. We hope you've enjoyed your experience at Tulip Hair and we hope to see you soon.